Monday, August 30, 2010

The Plastics Factory.

I recently started working in a plastics factory.
The kind that makes highly disturbing medical equipment.
Like blood sucking devices and bins to hold body parts.

Most of the people I work with are nice.

(Note: The names in this post have been changed to protect the innocent.)

Here, we have Moby. My work BFF.
And here we have, Carlo Castillano.
My lovely boss, Rita Hayworth.
And this man, Lyle. He loves Jesus.

But some of the people I work with are quite scary and sometimes weird.

For example: Here we have Pumba. He babbles on constantly and no one can understand a word he says.
Everyone just looks to each other hoping someone caught what he said.
And here we have, Shannon. He likes to talk about Metallica and hatin' blacks.

I spend most of my days at work cowering in complete terror.

The machines we use are like giant, scary, metal monsters.
Absolutely horrifying.
It reminds me of being trapped in a Saw movie.
And those movies are terrible to begin with.

They beep constantly in hunger.
Saying "Feed me plastic!"...."AND MORE GLUE!!"

We also have this tape machine, that I like to call 'Little David'.
Little David spends most of his time kicking me in the knees.
Once, he actually bit me on the hand.

And this is pretty much an actual representation of what I look like after a day of work at the plastics factory.